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How Low Refrigerant Affects Your Cooling

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

For many years, refrigeration systems like air conditioners have relied on a compressed refrigerant in order to remove heat from your home. Here at Shaw’s Air Conditioning system we wanted to explain a little bit about how AC systems work and why having low refrigerant can be so bad. Give us a call today if you need any kind of Visalia air conditioning services like repair, installation or maintenance.

Visalia Air Conditioning Tip: Why Low Refrigerant Is Bad

Your air conditioning system has one simple task: remove the heat from your home’s air. But doing that is very complicated.

For traditional central AC units and heat pumps, they are usually split into two separate units: one inside and one outside. The indoor unit contains the evaporator coils and is appropriately called the evaporator unit. Likewise, the outdoor unit contains the condensing coils and is thus termed the condenser.

Have you ever used a compressed can of air to clean your computer? You may have noticed that the outside of the can got really cold. Your air conditioning system operates on the same property. It compresses and then releases the refrigerant inside the evaporator coils which causes them to get very cold. A fan in the evaporator units pulls in warm air from your home, passes it over the cold evaporator coils and then pushes the newly-cooled air through your ductwork and in to your home.

Once the refrigerant has absorbed the heat from your home, it continues on outside to the condensing coils where another fan exhausts the heat into the outside air. The refrigerant is re-compressed and then sent back into your home.

Problems with Low Refrigerant

If the refrigerant levels in your AC get low there are a couple problems that it can cause.

  • Not enough cooling – Obviously, if you don’t have enough refrigerant in your system then it won’t be able to absorb as much heat which means that you won’t get enough cooling.
  • Inefficiency – Another problem with low refrigerant is that it will make your AC have to work harder to cool your home with the refrigerant that it has left.
  • Icing – Finally, you may start to notice ice forming on the evaporator coils when you have low refrigerant. This will restrict the flow of air through the system and cause you to not get enough cooling.

For any air conditioning services in Visalia, CA, including repair, installation or maintenance, call Shaw’s Air Conditioning & Heating.

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Why Dirty Coils are a Problem for Your Air Conditioner

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Are you tired of not getting enough cooling in your home? One common issue that could be causing this is dirty coils. Shaw’s Air Conditioning is proud to provide a full range of air conditioning repair services in Fresno for all different types of models. We wanted to alert our customers to this problem so that they could potentially avoid it in the future. Read on below to learn more and then give us a call if you have any questions.

Fresno Air Conditioning Repair FAQ: Dirty Coils

Your air conditioning system is truly a marvel of engineering. Its main purpose is to remove heat from your home and exhaust it outside. If you have a central air conditioning system then you likely have an inside unit and then an outside unit as well. This is called a “split” system because of the units are separated. The indoor unit is referred to as the evaporator because it contains the evaporator coils. The outdoor unit is called the condenser because it contains the condensing coils.

These two sets of coils perform critical functions for your AC. In the indoor unit, a fan pulls in warm air from your home and blows it over the very cold evaporator coils that are filled with a refrigerant. The refrigerant in the coils absorbs heat from the air and then gets circulated outside. Once at the condenser, the heat-laden refrigerant gets circulated through the condensing coils and another fan blows outside air over the coils to exhaust the heat.

Over time, dirt and dust in the air can get caught on the evaporator and condensing coils. If the evaporator coils get too dirty then they won’t be able to absorb enough heat out of the air to properly cool your home. If the condensing coils get too dirty then your home won’t be able to exhaust enough heat. Both of these can lead to insufficient cooling as well as inefficient operation.

For all your air conditioning repair services make sure that you call the Fresno air conditioning specialists at Shaw’s Air Conditioning today.

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How To Determine Whether To Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioning System

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

A great air conditioning system is a must when you live in this part of the country. Temperatures can be pretty harsh during the hot summer months, and it is important that your air conditioning system is able to keep you cool and comfortable effectively and reliably. Unfortunately, no air conditioning system is perfect, and at some point you will have to schedule professional air conditioning repair service in Fresno, CA. When you do, contact the air conditioning technicians at Shaw’s Air Conditioning. We can help you determine whether or not your air conditioning system is really worth repairing, or if an air conditioning replacement is right for you.

There are a lot of different factors that must be considered prior to deciding whether to repair or replace your air conditioning system. It is important to keep in mind that just because your AC can be repaired does not always meant that it is worth repairing. It may seem as though investing in a new air conditioning system is a much more expensive option than having your AC repaired. Upfront, that may be true. However, consider the service and repair needs of your air conditioner. If you frequently find yourself paying to have your home cooling system serviced and repaired, then investing in a new, more reliable system can actually save you money over time.

You should also take into consideration the age of your air conditioning system. If it is getting on in years, it is very possible that your air conditioner may operate properly while still failing to satisfy the efficiency expectations we have for more modern systems. Frankly, your air conditioner, at peak capacity, may just not have been built to keep up with more efficient modern technology. A professional air conditioning repair and replacement technician can evaluate your system to help you make an informed decision.

Do not put up with a costly and subpar performance from your air conditioning system any longer. Call us for quality air conditioning repair service in Fresno at the first sign of trouble. If an air conditioning technician on the Shaw’s Air Conditioning team thinks it may be in your best interest to replace your air conditioner, we will have you do so with confidence.

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Why Your Air Conditioning System is Leaking Water

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Have you found a water leak in front of your indoor air handler? Does it seem improbably that water could possibly be leaking from your AC? Your air conditioner dehumidifies the air as part of the cooling process. And this makes the entire indoor unit susceptible to condensed water. There are various things to consider when operating your AC, but remember that all repairs and the majority of maintenance must be taken care of by a professional HVAC technician. In Fresno, your air conditioning system likely endures a lot of wear and tear during the summer months, which is also when ACs tend to break under pressure. Call Shaw’s Air Conditioning today for excellent air conditioning repair services in Fresno.

In order to understand why your system is leaking water, it’s necessary to look a bit closer at the way the cooling cycle works. Refrigerant is chemically designed to undergo radical temperature shifts under different pressurized conditions. After it goes through the compressor, it comes out as a high temperature and high pressure gas that the condenses as it circulates through the condenser coils, assisted by an exhaust fan. While the refrigerant is now a liquid, it’s not yet ready to provide cooling for your home. It goes into an expansion valve that depressurizes the refrigerant, causing it to cool rapidly. The cold liquid is now ready for the evaporator coil.

The indoor coil is what comes into contact with your warm indoor air as the blower motor sucks it through the ducts, cools it, and sends it back. During this thermal exchange, the refrigerant evaporates and the air partially dehumidifies and cools. This condensed water vapor has to go somewhere, and in order to prevent it from damaging sensitive air handler components, it collects in a condensate drain pan connected to a drainpipe. However, problems can arise with this pan. Debris can clog up the pipe, which may lead to overflowing; or a small hole or crack can develop, which may lead to a leak of water. In both cases, the result may be a water leak.

Call for comprehensive air conditioning repair services in Fresno from Shaw’s Air Conditioning if you’re having any problems with your cooling system.

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