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How to Get Your Heater Ready for the Heating Season

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

The heating season will begin soon in Central California. You won’t expect blizzards or ice storms in our warmer climate; but Fresno, CA will still get its share of days when you will need a durable heater to keep your home comfortable. Here are some tips to follow to see that your heater stays reliable during the fall and winter.

To get superior service on your heating system, look to Shaw’s Air Conditioning in Fresno, CA to tackle the job.

Do a test run: You want to avoid a nasty surprise when you switch on your heater for the first time. Before you actually need your heater to work for you, turn it on for a test run. Look for any signs of possible trouble: odd noises, strange smells, leaks. Get expert help right away if anything serious or unexpected occurs. And if your heater won’t turn on at all… now is definitely the time to find out about it and get it repaired.

Change air filters: It’s likely you have a furnace in your home—they’ve been the most popular residential heating choice for many years. Before you start running it for the season, swap out its old air filter for a clean one. A debris-clogged filter will lessen your unit’s heating power and can cause numerous other problems that lead to serious damage to the internal components. Make sure you continue changing the filter once a month throughout the heating season.

Schedule preventive maintenance: Your heater needs professional attention to catch problems you might otherwise miss. An HVAC technician will not only detect issues that could lead to costly repairs or breakdowns, but will also give your system a thorough tune-up, which includes cleaning, adjustments, connection tightening, and safety and airflow tests. A maintenance check-up is the best way to give you confidence in your heater during the winter.

Shaw’s Air Conditioning offers a high quality heating maintenance program that will prepare your heater to survive the harshest weather conditions here in Fresno, CA. Heating repairs are in good hands with the 24/7 services of Shaw’s Air Conditioning.

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Pre-Heating Season Tips

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

In Central Valley towns like Fresno, CA heating season is a lot less taxing than it might be in the Midwest or on the East Coast. We certainly have our share of chilly nights, but furnaces don’t see the kind of use we associate with winter in colder climates. Even so, it pays to follow a few pre-heating season tips from HVAC experts when the heat of summer ends and temperatures start to drop. They’ll help your furnace perform efficiently and save you money on your monthly heating bills.

In the first place, you should always have your heater serviced before temperatures drop too far. Summer is long and hot in the Fresno area, and your furnace probably hasn’t seen much activity. A routine maintenance call can help spot potential trouble areas, as well as keeping the components clean and ensuring that the unit functions the way it’s supposed to when those first cold nights show up.

Similarly, you should take a few commonsense steps to help maximize the heating efficiency of your home. Lower your thermostat by 5 degrees or so; it will save you energy and you won’t notice the difference when outside temperatures are cool. Dress warmly in the house, with a sweater or a sweatshirt to supplement the furnace, and have your windows and doors inspected for leaks around the edges. Sealing those leaks can prevent lost energy and allow you to make the most of your heating system.

In addition, this may be a good time to consider an upgrade for some or part of your heating. Depending upon your individual needs, it could make a big difference in your comfort levels and monthly bills. Exposed ducts can have insulation added, older thermostats can be replaced with digital ones, and large houses can have zone controls added (allowing you to heat one or two portions of your house while letting unused portions stay cool.

Pre-heating season tips from HVAC experts can be even more effective with a trained professional on your side. Shaw’s Air Conditioning is available for heating services throughout Fresno, CA. Heating is a specialty of ours and we can provide both installation and repair options to serve your needs. Give us a call today and let us help with your winter preparations.

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Ducts or No Ducts: What Type of Air Conditioning System Should You Choose?

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

When we tell our customers about ductless systems, they often ask us how they work. We wanted to shed some light on ductless systems and then compare them to the more traditional ducted air conditioning systems on the market. If you’re interested in learning more about the different types of air conditioning systems, give us a call here at Shaw’s Air Conditioning. We offer a full range of Visalia air conditioning services including installation, repair and maintenance.

Visalia Air Conditioning Tips: Ducted vs. Ductless

Here’s a quick comparison between ducted and ductless systems.

Ducted Air Conditioning

For most homeowners, the central air conditioning system and the heat pump are very familiar. These types of systems use a central air handler that pushes warm air from your home over a series of very cold evaporator coils. Once cooled, the air handler continues to push the air throughout your home via a series of air ducts in your ceiling or under your floors. These are likely the most common type of AC system on the market. They are highly efficient, and they also tend to last for a very long time.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning and Heating

With ductless systems, they use wall-mounted units in each zone or area of your home. These units circulate the air in their respective zones and provide either heating or cooling. All the units are connected to a central, outdoor condensing unit through a series of electrical wires and refrigerant tubes. The units are controlled by a thermostat or control panel. There are several distinct advantages to ductless mini split systems.

  • Reduced energy loss – With ducted systems, there can be energy loss as the air travels through the ducts. For example, during the summer the cool air moving through your ducts can absorb heat through the edges of the ducts. Ductless mini split systems allow homeowners to avoid that type of inefficiency.
  • Zone control – With a ductless mini split system, if you aren’t using a certain part of your home you don’t have to cool it. You just activate the closest wall unit in order to stay comfortable.

For all your Visalia air conditioning installation services, make sure that you call the experts at Shaw’s Air Conditioning.

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We Wish You a Happy Labor Day

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

On every project that we complete, we ensure that our customers are satisfied. We take pride in the work that we do every day, and this level of diligence and attention to detail has allowed us to grow over the years. On the first Monday of every September, our country celebrates Labor Day as a way of recognizing the hard work that has made this country great. Because making your home more comfortable and convenient is our business, we want you to have an enjoyable and pleasant Labor Day.

Labor Day is a time of good BBQ, the start of the professional and college football seasons, entertainment with family and friends, and, most importantly, taking a day off from work. Labor Day emerges as a federal holiday in the wake of the Pullman Strike of 1894. It was designated as such by President Grover Cleveland and Congress as a way to reconcile the damage done by the faceoff between the Federal government and the Pullman Palace Car Company workers and other railroad workers. But over a decade before it became official, Labor Day began as a workers’ picnic and demonstration suggested by either Peter J. McGuire of the American Federation of Labor, or Matthew Maguire of the Central Labor Union of New York.

From our family to yours, we wish you all the best on this Labor Day.

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