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The Cooling Benefits of a Heat Pump

Friday, September 26th, 2014

When you need a new air conditioning system, you may assume that your options for installation are limited. Many homeowners choose to replace their central AC system with a similar unit instead of taking the time to consider other types of systems. But there are many new units available on the market today, so it’s always best to ask a technician about the most suitable choice for you. In this guide, we’ll go over an efficient, multi-purpose cooling solution: the heat pump.

How a Heat Pump Cools Your Home

Heat pumps actually use the same refrigeration process as any other air conditioning system with the exception of one part, the reversing valve. In general, however, the key components for cooling are the same. Refrigerant first reaches the compressor, where it becomes a pressurized gas at very high heat before it moves through the rest of the system. Next, it moves to the condenser coil, where it changes into a liquid, a process which enables it to give off heat. It continues to the expansion valve, where it becomes a low-pressure liquid and then to the evaporator where it turns into a gas and absorbs heat. A fan blows cool air through the ducts, and refrigerant returns to the compressor to continue the process until your home is cooled.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump

The main advantage of the heat pump has to do with the reversing valve, which allows refrigerant to change direction. When you set your system to heating mode, refrigerant can take in heat from the outdoors and send it through the ducts, a feat that is not possible with standard air conditioners. Heat pumps offer a great alternative to furnaces for heating in areas with somewhat mild winters, which makes them perfect for both heating and air conditioning here in Lemoore. In fact, they are extremely efficient heating systems because they do not generate heat; they merely move it around. You can also find a heat pump with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) for efficient cooling as well.

To learn more about your options for air conditioning in Lemoore, call Shaw’s Air Conditioning today!

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3 Reasons to Consider Heat Pumps for Air Conditioning

Friday, September 19th, 2014

There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing an air conditioner in Lemoore, CA. One option available to homeowners is the heat pump. Heat pumps can offer benefits that some other systems may not, but the best way to determine if a heat pump is a good choice for your home is to work with a trained professional. Shaw’s Air Conditioning has offered professional heat pump services for 10 years, and we can help you choose and install a heat pump that fits your cooling needs.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

With the help of refrigerant, a heat pump transfers heat from one place to another. During the summer, the heat pump removes the heat and humidity and transfers it to the outside; during the winter, the heat pump absorbs the heat surrounding it and transfers it indoors.

Types of Heat Pumps

There are several types of heat pumps available:

  • Central heat pump – this type of heat pump is part of a traditional central air conditioning system
  • Ductless heat pump – this type of heat pump is part of a ductless heating and cooling system
  • Ground source heat pump – this type of heat pump is part of a geothermal system
  • Air-source heat pump – the most common type of heat pump, this heat pump can be used in several types of systems
  • Hybrid heat pump – this heat pump is used in climates in which a heat pump may need a back-up system due to consistent freezing temperatures

3 Reasons to Consider a Heat Pump

There are several reasons to consider installing a heat pump:

  • Heats and cools – a heat pump offers your home both heating and cooling. This is possible because of the reversing valve, a valve on the heat pump that allows it to reverse the flow of the refrigerant.
  • Good energy efficiency – heat pumps do not use fossil fuels; instead, they use a small amount of electricity to operate. This makes them very energy efficient.
  • Very versatile – heat pumps can work with several different kinds of air conditioning systems, including ductless and geothermal.

Heat pumps can be a great air conditioning option, but they are not for everyone. If you have questions about whether or not a heat pump is a good choice for an air conditioner, call Shaw’s Air Conditioning today and schedule your AC installation in Lemoore, CA with one of our cooling experts.

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Recommended Air Conditioning Services for the End of the Cooling Season

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Our cooling season is longer than in some other parts of the country, which means that our air conditioners operate for a long time. We have a while to go before our temperatures cool, but when they do, you have a window of opportunity to schedule maintenance or repair for your air conditioning system. The summer season can put a lot of wear and tear on your AC, and Shaw’s Air Conditioning is here to help you keep your AC in good working order. Schedule air conditioning maintenance in Corcoran today!

Services to Consider for End of Season

There are a few services to consider scheduling for your air conditioner at the end of the cooling season:


It is recommended that bi-annual maintenance be scheduled for air conditioners each spring and fall. Maintenance helps detect existing or developing problems, increases energy efficiency and can elongate the life of your system. Shaw’s Air Conditioning conducts a 23-point inspection with every maintenance appointment, ensuring that your AC is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and adjusted as needed.

Mechanical Repair

If you’ve noticed that your AC isn’t performing quite as well as it should, is making strange noises or even emitting strange odors, these things shouldn’t be ignored. Repairing your system as soon as possible helps keep energy efficiency intact as well as decreasing the likelihood of breakdown. Problems with your air conditioner rarely get better on their own, and are more likely to become worse over time.

Ductwork Repair

Your ductwork is the delivery system for your air conditioning. If it’s faulty – has cracks, holes or disconnections – you could be losing a lot of conditioned air. When you schedule duct repair, you can restore and/or replace faulty ductwork, and regain the energy efficiency you want and need.

When the temperature cools down outside it gives you a chance to do some air conditioning repairs. Whether you need annual maintenance, a repair or have any other air conditioning needs, call the people you can trust: Shaw’s Air Conditioning.

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Shaw’s Support for Drought Relief in Food Giveaway

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

This month, Shaw’s Air Conditioning & Heating help out with “California Water Feeds our Communities” and  the California Community Food Bank in a food drive to help impacted communities throughout the state who are suffeCCF03102011_00000ring from a lack of food as a result of our drought.
“As responsible citizens of our community, we need to help out the less fortunate. Especially in the state that we’re in with no water. This is just our way of giving back and helping out some families” commented Annette Shaw.

Trucks loaded with fresh, local produce will be sent to food banks in Merced, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Watsonville, Salinas, Santa Maria, Oxnard, Riverside and San Diego. 2“We are seeing an increased number of people in line at our food banks at the same time that drought conditions have driven up the cost of food, making it difficult to provide for everyone.” said Andy Souza, President and CEO of the Community Food Bank.

The drought ‘s e ffect is now apparent with farmers and it is contributing to high rates of unemployment. The result is higher costs of living has rippled throughout California effecting both city and rural communities.  No area is exempt.

As food banks take a big hit in current conditions, efforts made by entities such as Fresno Downtown Business Hub, El Agua Es Asunto De Todos, 1Westlands Water District, and CalWA are making a difference in ensuring that people are fed.

California Water Feeds Our Communities will be sending trucks of locally donated food, departing from Fresno, CA, starting on September 3rd to at-risk food banks across California. If you’d like to make a donation to the drive, contact Diana Enriquez at 559-513-8561 or

# # #

California Water Feeds Our Communities, a grassroots effort of business, farming, and service organizations partnering to support drought stricken communities throughout California, raising awareness of the important role that water plays in California agriculture and everyday life. The drought has directly impacted our communities, farm workers and farmers. Many are devastated by the lack of water.

 Source credit: Lemoore Chamber of Commerce 









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When Is It Time to Install a New 16 SEER Package Unit?

Friday, September 5th, 2014

If you own a business in Fresno, CA, air conditioning is crucial for maintaining a comfortable environment for your employees and/or customers and clients. A rooftop package unit, which combines all the components of the air conditioning into a single cabinet, is one of the best ways to condition your workplace.

However, no air conditioning system, packaged or otherwise, will last forever. At a certain point, you may discover that your current packaged AC can no longer do the work it is supposed to, or it has started to drain money due to an inefficient performance. When you think you need a replacement, call on the team at Shaw’s Air Conditioning. We’ll look over your current system and determine if repairs will do any good. If the system is too aged and worn down, we will tell you when it’s a better idea to have installation of a new unit with a higher efficiency rating.

installed a 4 ton, 16 SEER American Standard Package unit Central Valley Culligan

We installed a 4 ton, 16 SEER American Standard Package unit Central Valley Culligan.

We recently installed a new 16 SEER package unit for a Central Valley business. They called us to look at their current air conditioning system, which was very old and suffering from one of the major problems that occurs with age in an AC: Freon leaks. When refrigerant begins to leak from an air conditioner, it not only impairs the AC’s cooling power, but it will eventually damage other components, such as the compressor, leading to a complete breakdown.

In this case, we detected numerous leaks in the system. Although it was possible to fix them, the business owners opted instead to replace the decaying system with a new 16 SEER American Standard Package unit. This was definitely a wise choice, since the older system probably only had a few more years of service remaining to it, and it was already operating at lower efficiency and costing more to run than it should. With the new 16 SEER unit, the business would start saving money immediately thanks to the higher efficiency.

You should always seek the opinion of professionals when it comes to repairing or replacing air conditioning in Fresno, CA. The experienced technicians at Shaw’s Air Conditioning can help steer you to the choice that will do the most long-term good for your business or for your home.

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