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Prevent Problems with Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Whether you manage a high-end bar or nightclub, or you own a cozy cafe that serves up cold coffee drinks on hot summer days, your commercial ice machine is of vital importance. While ice makers are pretty far from the most complex pieces of machinery out there today, they still have many different components which must work well together in order to ensure that you have all of the ice that you need to run your business effectively. It may be something of an unsung hero, but when you encounter problems with your commercial ice machine, it will become quite clear, quite quickly, just how crucial a role it plays. That is why proper commercial ice machine maintenance in Fresno County, CA is so necessary. Work with Shaw’s Air Conditioning, and know that your commercial ice machine will satisfy your needs entirely.

While any problems with your commercial ice machine should be left to trained professionals to resolve, and you should have your system inspected from time to time to ensure that everything is in proper working order, there are many steps which you can take on your own to maintain your commercial ice machine. Chief among these is replacing your water filter on a regular basis. Generally, this should happen every six months. Refer to your specific product to determine precisely what the frequency ought to be in your situation, though. Water filters not only maintain a high level of quality in your ice, but also help to inhibit the development of scale within the system, and to reduce any risk of serious sediment buildup.

Another way in which to maintain your commercial ice machine is with the application of antimicrobial protection. Mold growth and other unpleasant issues are not uncommon with such systems, which is why many have antimicrobial plastics to begin with. Make sure that you know precisely what your ice machine is made of. If it is not pretreated with any such protection, you are wise to consider putting some to use.

Perhaps most important in maintaining your commercial ice machine on your own is to ensure that it is cleaned and sanitized regularly. Again, this is something that ought to be done around every six months. Air filters also must be cleaned or replaced as well. By scheduling your commercial ice machine maintenance in Fresno County, CA with our staff, of course, you can have all of the necessary precautions made for you, and by skilled professionals at that. Plus, we will thoroughly inspect your entire system to not only ensure that your ice is of a high quality, but that your equipment itself is in fine working condition.

Call Shaw’s Air Conditioning today to guarantee that you get the  best performance possible from your commercial ice machine.

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Can Duct Replacement Services Make a Difference?

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Forced air distribution based heating and cooling systems are among the most popular among homeowners throughout the region. By heating and cooling air, and then distributing that conditioned air throughout one’s home, the homeowner is able to enjoy prompt and effective heating and cooling. This is simply not the case, though, if the air ducts in that HVAC system are in poor working condition.

If you use a furnace, heat pumps, central air conditioner, or any other HVAC system that relies upon ductwork in order to heat and/or cool your home, then schedule your ductwork services with the professional technicians here at Shaw’s Air Conditioning. We can design, seal, and repair your ductwork to ensure its proper function. However, there are instances in which your ductwork may be beyond repair, or simply not worth repairing. If this is the case, count on our staff to provide you with outstanding HVAC duct replacement services in Lemoore, CA.

Should you find yourself wondering if duct replacement services can really make a difference in your home, then let us tell you that the answer is, unequivocally, yes. Not everyone will need their ductwork replaced. If you do, though, nothing will compare to the results of professionally replaced ductwork. There are a few situations in which duct replacement may be justified or completely necessary, and in these situations replacing your ductwork can help you to live more comfortably and to heat and cool your home more efficiently.

While many problems with ductwork can be resolved with sealing or repair services, there are instances in which replacing the ductwork altogether makes more sense. Seriously rusted or corroded air ducts, for example, may not lend themselves to effective repairs. In this case, it is better to take the  time to replace damaged sections of ductwork, rather than ineffectively sealing or repairing them. Sometimes the job calls for surgery, not the simple application of a bandage.

It may also be the case that your ductwork is underperforming due to the fact that it was not installed properly in the first place. No one wants to replace ductwork that is not seriously damaged, of course. However, by allowing a professional ductwork technician to replace poorly designed, installed, and connected ductwork, you can cut down on energy waste substantially.

That way, we can inspect your system thoroughly to determine what action is necessary. Should you need HVAC duct replacement in Lemoore, CA, we’ll ensure that the job is completed properly every step of the way.

If you suspect that the ductwork in your home is problematic, the best thing to do is to call the professionals on the Shaw’s Air Conditioning team. 

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How to Tell if You Need Zone Cooling System Repair

Friday, March 13th, 2015

By using a zone control system when cooling your home, you can maintain comfortable temperatures confidently without sacrificing energy efficiency while doing so. This is thanks to the fact that a zone control system allows you to cool only those areas of your home that you wish, and to do so independently of one another. However, like any other system with moving parts and electrical components, it is possible that you will encounter problems with your zone control system at some point. When you do, we suggest that you contact the professionals at Shaw’s Air Conditioning immediately. This will help to minimize damage to your system and disruption to your comfort. Here are some warning signs that you may need zone cooling system repairs in Kettleman City.

Because one of the major selling points of a zone cooling system is that it can help you to cool your home more efficiently without putting your comfort on the chopping block, your cooling costs can be a very good indicator that something has gone wrong with your system. More specifically, an unexplained spike in your cooling costs can indicate the need for professional zone cooling system repair. The longer you wait to schedule such services, the more you are likely to pay in order to cool your home, and the less successful you will likely be in doing so effectively.

Another sign that there is a problem with your zone cooling system is the development of hot spots throughout your home. A zone control system works by utilizing electronic dampers in your forced air distribution system’s ductwork in order to direct conditioned air to those areas in which you want it. This is accomplished on the user end by simply setting different temperatures in different temperature zones. However, if you enter a zone in which you expect nice, cool conditions, and are instead met with uncomfortable heat, you may have a problem with your zoning system. This works both ways; if you find that an area you haven’t called for much cooling in is actually cooler than those in which you have requested cooler temperatures, then you have a malfunction in your system somewhere.

No matter what sort of problems you have with your zone cooling system, you need to schedule your zone cooling system repairs in Kettleman city with a trained professional. Contact Shaw’s Air Conditioning to do so.

When you work with us, the problem with your system will be diagnosed accurately and resolved entirely. Schedule service today.

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When and Why You Should Consider Loose Fill Insulation Services

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Heating and cooling our homes is a top priority for homeowners everywhere. We are used to a certain level of comfort in this day and age, and our comfort is largely contingent upon the performance of our HVAC systems. However, it is impossible to enjoy a great heating and cooling performance, regardless of the quality of one’s system, if one’s home is not sufficiently insulated. Shaw’s Air Conditioning offers comprehensive insulation services to ensure that your home has what it takes to prevent the unwanted transfer of heat into or out of your home. Contact us today to learn more, and remember that there are a number of different insulation types and options available. One which may benefit you is the use of loose fill insulation in your Visalia, CA home. 

As important as having the right amount of insulation in a home is, as well as ensuring that your insulation is of the right efficiency level, noted with an R-value, using the right sort of insulation for the task as hand is also of the utmost importance. For many situations, loose fill insulation is the perfect method and uses the right materials. The versatility of loose fill insulation is one of its major selling points, as well as the environmentally friendly and safe nature of its components.

Loose fill insulation is generally used to add insulation to areas in the home which are already finished, as opposed to insulating areas being built up from scratch. It is an excellent option for irregularly shaped areas in a home, which don’t lend themselves to rigid insulating methods, and to those areas with obstructions around which one must navigate. This is due to the fact that blown in or loose fill insulation is blown into place using specialized equipment.

Any hard to reach area of the home can benefit greatly from the installation of loose fill insulation, which is generally made up of recycled materials such as cellulose, fiberglass, and mineral wool. This includes enclosed, existing walls, or new walls with open cavities, as well as unfinished floors. Just remember that the successful installation of loose fill insulation necessitates a level of service expertise that only professional technicians can offer.

We have the tools and experience we need to get the job done right. Our goal is to ensure that you are able to heat and cool your home with the efficiency and effectiveness that you deserve. 

We suggest that you schedule your loose fill insulation services in Visalia, CA with the trained professionals here at Shaw’s Air Conditioning. 

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