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4 Signs You Need AC Repair

Monday, July 15th, 2019 at 11:00 am

air-conditioner-repairKnowing when you need air conditioning repair isn’t always a clear cut thing. Air conditioning problems are a little more complex than people give them credit for. The problems that you’re used to are sometimes a little murky. It’s common for people to interpret a real air conditioning problem they’re having as a minor inconvenience in their home instead. Don’t delude yourself into dealing with an AC problem—it will only lead to an even bigger, larger scale AC problem or a complete system breakdown.

If you’d like quality air conditioning repair services, you can contact our team. We’re proud of the AC repair in Tulare, CA that we’ve performed throughout the years. If you want air conditioning services that you know you can count on, you need the services from our team.

Clear Indications That You Need Air Conditioning Repair

Here are a few clear signs that you need air conditioning repair this summer. Don’t fret though! Contact our team at the first sign of inefficiency or trouble. We’ll be out to your home in a flash to fix the problem.

#1. You Can’t Get Cool: Do you have trouble getting cool in your home? This is a problem that gets swept under the rug year-round but especially during the summer. We get it. It’s so hot here in Tulare that it’s easy for you to think, “Well, my air conditioner can’t handle high heat all the time, right?” and try to explain away those air conditioning problems you’re facing. This is the wrong mindset though. The right air conditioner should be able to cool your home even during times of high heat.

#2. You’re Paying Way Too Much: Don’t let your air conditioner drain your wallet. If you find yourself shying away from turning on your air conditioner because you don’t want to pay the high price tag involved with running the unit, it means that you have the wrong air conditioning system in your home. Come to our technicians. We can help you upgrade to an air conditioning system that’s bound to keep your home cool.

#3. Your AC Runs for Way Too Long: If you’ve had AC problems in the past, you might be familiar with something called short cycling. Short cycling is when your air conditioner turns on and runs for an incomplete cycle. It leaves your home at an uncomfortable temperature and runs it into the ground in the process. The opposite issue is a problem too, though. If your air conditioner seems like it runs on end and never stops, it’s time for you to contact our professional team.

#4. You Hear Odd Noises Coming from Your System: Your air conditioner isn’t a type of appliance in your home that should draw a lot of attention. If everything is going according to plan, your air conditioning system should be one of those things that comfortably linger in the background of your daily thoughts. If your air conditioner is so noisy that it’s become distracting then it’s time for you to contact our team. We’ll repair your system and get it back on track.

Contact Shaw’s Air Conditioning & Heating today to ensure that you have the best AC services possible.

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