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The Benefits of Zone Controlled Systems

Monday, February 25th, 2019 at 11:00 am

house-cross-section-hvac-zones-big_800x533This time of year here in Lemoore is when homeowners decide that they want to replace their heating system after a long winter or get a new air conditioning system before spring rolls around—some even do both! If you fall into either of these categories, we want to take the time to discuss zone controlled heating and cooling systems. A zone-controlled system is an amazing asset to any home here in King, Tulare, or Fresno counties since we experience extremely high heat in summer and chilly temperatures in winter, it can be hard to adequately heat or cool your entire home evenly.

While zone-controlled systems are possible to retrofit, it’s much easier to do as a new install. So if you’re moving into a new home, adding on, or just doing a major revamp of your home you should consider installation of a zone controlled system in Lemoore, CA.

Everything You Need to Know About Zone Controlled Heating

How It Works

Let’s get into a little zone-controlled heating 101. Zone controlled heating uses multiple, strategically installed dampers in the ductwork. These dampers can open or close to open or restrict the airflow through your HVAC system. The dampers are controlled by your central control panel alongside the thermostat so that you can cool or heat your home according to a particular zone. If you want just your room to be cooled, the dampers to this zone will open while all the others remained closed.

The Benefits

  • Convenience: The most obvious benefit to zone-controlled heating or cooling is the convenience. Let’s say that you just want to warm your upstairs bedroom on a chilly winter night—you can do this with a zone-controlled system. Without a system like this, you’d just have to opt for heating your entire home if you wanted heat in your room. Not only is this an extreme waste of energy and money, if you live in a home with multiple people, you know that this can spark disagreements. You’ll never have to bicker over the thermostat setting again with zone control.
  • Comfort: Sometimes your home doesn’t heat or cool evenly. This is especially true when it comes to homes with multiple stories but also true even if you live in a home that’s only one story. Sometimes factors like the amount of sunlight your home receives, the number of windows in your home, or even your landscape and the shade it casts onto your home affect your net heating or cooling. You can offset this and receive optimal home comfort with a zone-controlled system.
  • Cost-Savings: When you’re only cooling and heating the places you need rather than the places you have to it decreases your energy bill. It’s a simple fact—it’s much cheaper to cool or heat just one floor or one section of your home rather than the whole thing. It also saves you money in the long run: when you put less strain on your HVAC system with a zone-controlled system, you won’t have to worry about constant repair costs or your system giving out prematurely.

If you’re considering installation of a zone-controlled heating or cooling system in your home here in Lemoore, contact our team here at Shaw’s Air Conditioning & Heating today to schedule an appointment.

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