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Call for AC Repair at the First Sign of these Issues

Monday, August 12th, 2019 at 11:00 am

AC-maintenanceAre you noticing some odd things going on with your air conditioner this summer? This can be a big problem during this time of year. Air conditioning problems are pretty common when your air conditioner is working overtime during our high heat here in Sanger. You’re going to need a professional team for assistance at the first sign of a need for air conditioning repair in Sanger, CA.

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell when you need air conditioning repair in your home. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to call for air conditioning repair services, but you also don’t want to schedule an appointment too early and waste your time. It’s a fine balance—you need to know the warning signs of an air conditioning problem and we’re here to list them for you.

AC Repair Warning Signs

Here are a few key warning signs of an air conditioning problem. Make sure you call our team at your earliest possible convenience when you notice these air conditioning problems in your home.

You Have Low Airflow

This is a problem that’s a clear early warning sign of an air conditioning repair issue. The problem with a lot of early warning signs of an air conditioning repair need is that they’re relatively benign. You might not notice a decrease in your airflow until the problem has become pretty significant. If you feel like you have to run your air conditioner for a longer amount of time or that you have to run your air conditioner at a lower temperature setting on your thermostat, you’re going to need to contact our professionals. Low airflow is a sign that you’re either having problems at the source or at the ventilation system.

Bad Odors From the Vents

Do you ever notice something that smells a little “off” in your home? Your air conditioner should never really emit a noticeable smell from the vents. If it does, that means that you’re going to need great air conditioning system service from our professional team. Air conditioning odors normally indicate a problem with the mold and mildew inside the AC cabinet. Microbial growth in your home is a major problem that can adversely affect your health and that of everyone else in the house. You can consult our professionals for the best air conditioning service available.

Short Cycling

If your air conditioner short cycling or taking very long cycles, you’re flirting with an air conditioning disaster. You need a great air conditioning system in your home and short cycling is the enemy of an air conditioning system. Your air conditioning system can’t cycle on and off endlessly and still provide cost-effective and efficient cooling. If you notice that your air conditioning system cycles a little more frequently than normal, you can schedule an appointment with our professional team. We know our stuff and we can get your air conditioner cycling like new again.

Contact our professionals for Shaw’s Air Conditioning & Heating today to schedule an appointment with our team of air conditioning professionals.

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