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Ready to Upgrade Your Air Conditioner?

Monday, October 7th, 2019 at 11:00 am

Air-Conditioner-RepairAre you looking for great air conditioning service in Tulare, CA? We live in one of those climates where air conditioning services reign king, and it’s for good reason. We experience scorching temperatures in our environment, so you’re going to need a great air conditioning system to get you through the hot summer months here.

There are so many HVAC professionals that you can choose from, but not every single company is built the same. You’re going to need to schedule an appointment with our team of professionals. We have all the right experience and licenses. We understand what it takes to keep your home in amazing shape all year long. Trust in the professional care of our team today. 

3 Signs That You Should Consider Upgrading Your Home’s Air Conditioner

There’s not an alarm that’s going to sound when it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional. Make sure that you watch out for these signs and we’ll make sure that you get the service that you deserve.

1. You’re Repairing All the Time

Are you repairing your home’s air conditioner once every few summers or even more frequently? If this is the case, then your air conditioning replacement is long overdue. If your repairs keep mounting in price or frequency it’s just not worth it for you to repair the system indefinitely. It’s better for the actual function of your air conditioning system, for your home comfort, and for your budget to schedule an appointment with the professionals on our team. We understand air conditioning.

2. You Can’t Get Cool

Are you having trouble getting cool? We’re not saying that your home is going to cool off with the snap of your fingers in the midst of a long summer here in Tulare, but you shouldn’t have to struggle too much to get your home to the temperature that you want. The same sentiment applies if you’re having trouble getting your home to stay cool once you’ve gotten it to your desired temperature. Don’t second guess yourself. If you’re having a hard time getting your air conditioner to the temperature you want, just make sure that you contact our professional team sooner rather than later.

3. You’re Paying Way Too Much

Your air conditioning bills should always reflect the way you cool your home. There are really no exceptions to this. The one caveat might be those mid-summer heat waves that we experience—this might put a little strain on your air conditioning system. In general though, if you’re cooling your home as you always have, and you notice that your energy bill comes in the mail and reflects something more along the lines of an ice skating rink, it’s time for you to consider upgrading to a new air conditioning system in your home. Don’t struggle with your AC. It’s far too important here in Tulare.

Contact Shaw’s Air Conditioning & Heating today to schedule an appointment with the professionals on our team. We’re the ones that are going to get your air conditioner in great shape.

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