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Make Sure Your AC Is Ready for Next Summer!

Monday, December 3rd, 2018

We’re moving quickly into winter here in Visalia, so it might seem a little odd to spark a discussion about your air conditioner, right? Wrong! If you’ve lived in the Central Valley even for one summer, you know how important it is to always have a great air conditioning system. You might be focused on heating right now, but hot conditions are always looming here. Before you shift your attention from your heating system to your air conditioning system, make sure your AC is in great shape. If you had trouble with your system this past summer, there’s no point in waiting until next summer to deal with it—fix it now during the off season! If you need great air conditioning repair in Visalia, CA contact our team today.

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What Can Happen If You Don’t Change Your Air Conditioner Filter

Monday, August 13th, 2018

clean-air-filterThere are a lot of different air conditioning issues that come up which you personally can’t do anything to fix. Things like broken air handlers or refrigerant leaks need professional services to be repaired. However, there is at least one act of preventive maintenance that you can do to keep your air conditioner in good condition.

Want to know how to avoid a potentially crippling air conditioning problem with ease? Read on.

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What It Means When Your Air Conditioner Starts Making Strange Noises

Monday, May 21st, 2018

air-conditionerSummer is just about the last time that you want to have your air conditioner develop some sort of problem. It’s also the season when that’s most likely to happen. The added strain of operating for long hours every day increases the wear and tear on the system, making it more likely to develop a wide variety of issues as the season progresses. Hopefully, you have already scheduled professional maintenance to keep your air conditioner as healthy as possible during this coming season. Even if you have, however, you should still keep an eye out for warning signs that the system is in trouble. Let’s go over one of the most obvious signs that your air conditioner is in need of repairs: odd noises.

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Why Your Air Conditioner Output Is Low

Monday, September 25th, 2017

air-conditioner-repairWell, the weather is finally starting to cool off ever-so-slightly. However, we’re not out of the woods yet. There’s still a few weeks of hot weather left in the season, which means you are likely going to still use your air conditioner at least a couple of times over the next month. While you’re using your air conditioner heavily, it’s important that you keep an eye out for any signs that the system is experiencing issues. One of the common ways that this manifests is in low output. Read on to find out why your air conditioner’s output might be low, and what can be done about it.

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Why Your AC Output Might Be Dropping

Monday, July 31st, 2017

air-conditioner-repairSummer is just about the worst possible time for your air conditioner to develop problems. Yet, that happens to be the time when air conditioners are most likely to have all kinds of issues. You may not be able to fully remove the possibility of problems developing, but you can do your best to prevent them from harming the system more. Dropping output is a pretty common warning sign that your air conditioner is having issues. If your air conditioner is suffering a drop in output, there could be many different reasons for it. Have a look at some of those reasons below.

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Strange Noises?

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

air-conditionerSummer is here, which means that the next few months are the prime time for air conditioners to develop problems. The more you rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool during the day, the more strain you put on it. It’s a good idea to keep watch for any warning signs that your air conditioner is struggling with a problem so that you can have it repaired before the issue gets any worse. One of the most common signs that an air conditioner is in need of repairs is if it starts to make strange noises while it’s operating. Have a look at some of the most common noises that indicate that your air conditioner needs to be looked at by a professional.

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Why It’s a Good Idea to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance During Spring

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

air-conditioner-cashEverybody wants to keep their air conditioning system in good shape for as long as possible, especially during the summer. The longer your AC system stays in top condition, after all, the better your return on investment is going to be. It also lessens the chances of your air conditioner breaking down on you in the middle of some of the hottest months of the year, as well. Just waiting around for warning signs of a problem to present themselves is not the best way to keep your system in good shape, though.

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Problems Related to Your Air Conditioner Compressor

Monday, June 29th, 2015

With the days starting to heat up, a lot of people are beginning to rely on their air conditioners to keep comfortable on a daily basis. That added stress is bound to bring up problems with a lot of those systems, which means summer is a good time to be especially vigilant. One of the most dangerous types of air conditioner problems has to do with compressor issues. In order to identify and deal with those issues as quickly as possible, you should know at least a little bit about how the compressor works. Let’s take a look at what your air conditioner compressor does, and the problems that can affect it.

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How a Dirty Air Filter Can Cause Your Whole Air Conditioner to Break Down

Monday, May 11th, 2015

An air conditioner is a pretty complex system, with a large number of parts working together to accomplish what would seem like a relatively simple task. In reality, though, cooling your home is a taller order than you might think. Even a small problem, located in the wrong place, can bring the entire system crashing down. Let’s take a closer look at how your air conditioning can be affected by something as simple as a dirty air filter.

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Air Conditioning Problems that You Need to Watch Out for

Monday, April 20th, 2015

The days are warming up, and soon you’ll be using your air conditioning system on a regular basis. In order to make sure that your air conditioner can stand up to that level of strain, it’s a good idea to get it checked out before the summer starts. It would also be wise to keep an eye out for any problems that might afflict the system and cause it to malfunction. Have a look at some of the common air conditioning problems that you need to watch out for.

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