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How to Improve Your Air Conditioning Efficiency

Monday, July 30th, 2018

air-conditioner Keeping your air conditioner as healthy as possible is an important part of staying comfortable during the summer season. No one wants to deal with their air conditioner breaking down in the middle of the hottest months of the year, after all. If you want to get the most out of your air conditioner this season, though, you’re going to need to do more than just make sure that it doesn’t break down on you. Follow the tips below to make sure that your air conditioner is as energy efficient as possible.

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Why Replacing Your Thermostat Might Be a Good Idea

Monday, November 14th, 2016

Most people are pretty good about replacing their heating systems when it becomes clear that they can no longer do the job. Yet these same people tend to stick with thermostats that are long past their prime for years before getting rid of them. This makes the home less energy efficient, and less comfortable. Let’s take a look at why it’s so important to replace your thermostat in a timely manner, especially during times like summer and winter.

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How a New Thermostat Can Improve Your Air Conditioning

Monday, May 4th, 2015

You’ve probably already started getting your air conditioning system ready for summer, considering how fast the days are heating up. Amid the maintenance and repair appointments, though, have you taken the time to look over your thermostat? The thermostat is arguably the most important part of your HVAC system, responsible for actually controlling your climate.

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How Can a New Thermostat Help With Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency?

Friday, August 1st, 2014

While today’s air conditioners are very energy efficient, there are ways to maximize energy efficiency. One way is to upgrade your thermostat, particularly if yours is over 10 years old. Your thermostat is the instrument that controls when your air conditioner cycles, so the more accurate it is, the better for your system and energy use. Shaw’s Air Conditioning offers thermostat installment, replacement and repair, and our trained technicians will teach you how to properly use your new thermostat to ensure the best operation for your air conditioning system

Help with Energy Efficiency

There are two main ways a new thermostat can help with your air conditioner’s energy efficiency:


Dial and slide thermostats are not very precise; in fact, many list degree settings in groups of 5, such as 60-65, etc. A digital manual or programmable thermostat lets you set a precise temperature, helping reduce energy waste that can come when using less precise thermostats that can consistently be 2-3 degrees off.


A programmable thermostat allows you to schedule your cooling in a 7-day, looping program in which you can accommodate for occupancy and different times of day (such as daytime and nighttime temperatures). A programmable thermostat saves energy because it cycles only when you program it to do so.

Other reasons to consider upgrading to a new thermostat include: better comfort, easier operation, easy to read, convenience and the opportunity to place your thermostat in a better spot should it be poorly placed.

Why Use a Professional?

Your thermostat is an important instrument and, if installed incorrectly, can wreak havoc on your system and compromise your indoor comfort. This is why it’s best to schedule your installation with a trained professional.

Looking for Better Energy Efficiency? Start with Your Thermostat

There are a number of ways to help your air conditioning system achieve maximum energy efficiency, but one of the easiest is upgrading your thermostat. Shaw’s Air Conditioning experts can help you select a thermostat that best fits your air conditioner and your needs, and then install and teach you how to use it. If you think it’s time to upgrade your thermostat, call us and schedule air conditioning installation service in Lemoore with our experts today.

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The Importance of the Thermostat to Your Air Conditioning System

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

You probably pass them every day and don’t give them much thought but your thermostats are one of the most important components of your AC system. They control when your air conditioning system turns on, how long it runs and how cool your home gets. If you need any air conditioning repair or thermostat installation services in Fresno, just give us a call here at Shaw’s Air Conditioning. We wanted to raise awareness of why thermostats are so important so read on below to find out more.

Fresno Air Conditioning Tip: Why Thermostats are Important

Here is a quick explanation of why your thermostats are so important to your home’s air conditioning system.

The job of your thermostat is pretty simple: it detects the temperature in its area and then determines if it needs to turn on your air conditioning system. If the temperature in your home is too high then it will activate the AC and run it until your home’s temperature cools to the desired level. At that point it shuts off the AC and continues to monitor your home’s temperature.

If your thermostat starts to break down it could cause huge issues for your home. If your thermostats aren’t calibrated correctly then it could lead to your home being too warm because the thermostat is detecting the wrong temperature. Your air conditioner might not even come on at all if the wiring inside your thermostats isn’t working properly.

Types of Thermostats

There are a few different thermostat options that are available that give homeowners varying levels of control over their home’s temperature and air conditioning system.

  • Digital – These types of thermostats are the digital version of the circular manual thermostats that are still found in older homes. But they do feature bright, easy-to-read buttons and display screens.
  • Programmable – If you’re looking to take more control over your home’s AC and energy usage then a programmable thermostat is a great option. You can set your thermostat to turn on and off at certain times throughout the day. This allows you to not have to worry about having to remember to turn off your AC when you leave for work in the morning.

For all your Fresno air conditioning services, including thermostat repairs and installation, just call the experts at Shaw’s Air Conditioning.

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