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What Are the Components of a Ductless Heating System?

Friday, December 19th, 2014 at 11:56 am

If you’re looking for an effective heating and air conditioning system that won’t raise your bills beyond belief, you probably assume you need a set of ductwork. But if you don’t have any ducts in your house or in your new room add-on, you may be in luck. You can still have a technician install a ductless mini-split heat pump for efficient heating and air conditioning.

Learn more about the outside and inside components of a ductless units with today’s guide. Call Shaw’s Air Conditioning today to learn how you too can get efficient ductless heating in Lemoore.

Outdoor Compressor Unit

Just like with any other standard central air conditioning system, a ductless unit contains both indoor and outdoor components. In the outside unit, there is a compressor which adds pressure to the refrigerant so that it can continue to circulate throughout the entire system. There is also a coil which works to evaporate refrigerant in the winter and allows it to condense in the summer.

See, a ductless heat pump also contains a reversing valve which allows the flow of refrigerant to move in the opposite direction. In the summer, refrigerant removes heat from your home and brings it to the outside as it condenses in the coil. In the winter, heat is absorbed from the outdoors (even when it’s chilly outside) as refrigerant evaporates.

Indoor Air Handler

The indoor unit contains a coil as well, which allows refrigerant to evaporate and absorb heat from your home in the summer or to condense and release heat in the winter. But here comes the big question: how does a ductless unit deliver heat and cool air with no ducts? Well, an indoor air handler is a unit that is simply mounted high on the wall, and it contains a blower fan to deliver the conditioned air into a space.

Usually you’ll need several indoor units for an entire house, but this is advantageous for your family members. You can control the temperature in each room individually with separate thermostats for increased comfort and energy savings. And it’s sure worth saving the trouble of renovating your home for a new set of ducts.

Call on the experts at Shaw’s Air Conditioning to learn more about ductless heating and find out whether this type of system is best for you.

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