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What’s So Bad About Skipping an AC Tune-Up?

Monday, May 6th, 2019 at 11:00 am

FanSpring has sprung here in Visalia, so you’re probably seeing air conditioning companies in the area push their tune-up services more than ever. There’s a good reason for this! Spring is the perfect time of year to prepare your air conditioner for summer. It gives you an ample amount of time to fix any issues that a professional might spot and it means you’ll be ready in advance for the heat of our central valley summers.

If you’ve been a resident here for even just a year, you know that “spring” is a little different in this part of California—our spring temperatures rival those “peak summer” temperatures in any other state. If you want to keep your home cool this year, make sure you schedule an air conditioning tune-up in Visalia, CA with our team.

What Can Happen When You Skip Maintenance

Many homeowners think that maintenance is one of those optional steps. In reality it’s a necessity. Skipping maintenance could lead to the following:

#1. A Breakdown

Imagine this: you’ve just come home from a boiling hot late spring day. You open your front door and you’re enveloped by the crisp, cool air of your pristinely air-conditioned home. You sprawl out on the couch to cool down—and about ten minutes later you hear a loud clunking noise and hear the soft rush of air through your vents stop. You’ve got an AC breakdown on your hands!

Now, a problem like this would be inconvenient anywhere, but it’s especially bad when you live here. You can’t afford to live in our hot, inland climate without the right air conditioner in your home. An air conditioning tune-up can help you avoid this.

#2. Super High Cooling Bills This Summer

If you’re a resident in this area, you’re going to rely on your air conditioner a lot for the next six months or so. You’re probably used to paying a little more for your cooling throughout the later point of summer but imagine paying a sky-high cooling bill for almost half the year. This would be an immense strain on your wallet and just impractical. Unfortunately, this is something a lot of homeowners struggle with because they neglect to schedule maintenance appointments. A maintenance appointment ensures that your air conditioner performs at its highest capacity, which saves you money and keeps you cooler.

#3. A Big Loss on Your Investment

Buying an air conditioner is an investment. Your air conditioner cost a pretty penny to buy and you intend for it to last you a long time. Your air conditioner has the potential to last you anywhere from 15 to 20 years depending on how you treat this system. If you maintain this air conditioner and run it well, you can expect it to make it nearer the 20-year mark. If you never call for maintenance services and run your system into the ground, you can expect things to be a little closer to the 15-year mark, or much lower. Make sure you get the most from your AC with maintenance.

If you’d like to schedule a maintenance appointment for your air conditioner, make sure you contact our team to learn more about our maintenance program.

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