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Do you live in older home that suffer from drafts and energy bills that spiral out of control? Is your newer home not living up to your expectations for comfort? Then you should consider an energy audit from professionals that will give you the information you need to improve home performance.

Energy audits (also known as home assessments) are a service that trained auditors provide for a house to find where it is losing energy, how much it is losing, and what can be done to remedy it. Before you consider upgrades for your home, call on the auditors at Shaw's Air Conditioning & Heating and let us take care of performing an energy assessment. It is a short process that will pay off immensely for you in the future. Call us today to schedule service in Hanford, CA and the surrounding area.

To schedule an energy audit in Hanford, CA or the surrounding areas, contact the professionals at Shaw's Air Conditioning & Heating today. 


No matter the age of your home, you should have some idea about whether it provides you with comfort as well as energy savings. Older homes may not have kept up with the times, falling behind as new appliances and household systems with greater energy efficiency were put in place. An energy audit will find where an older home needs improvements to bring it up to date.

But newer homes may need an audit as well: those special energy–efficient windows won’t do you much good if there are air leak in the attic and inferior insulation throughout the building. An energy audit takes your home as a full energy system—not only a few bits and pieces—and sees where improvements will make you more comfortable and lower those high energy bills.


Since no two homes or families are alike, no two energy audits are alike. But you can expect a number of similar tests and inspections when the professionals arrive at your home, armed with the best in equipment to find where your home is gaining or losing heat.

The blower door test is an essential part of an audit. A blower door is a device that fits over the aperture of your home’s front door. A fan in the door lowers the air pressure throughout your house, allowing the auditors to rapidly locate places where air is allowed to flow back through leaks into the home.

Similar to the blower door test is the duct blaster test, which is designed to measure the integrity of the building’s ventilation system. Because holes in ducts can cause between a 20% and 30% increase in your heating and cooling bills, this is an area that you especially want repaired if necessary.

A thermal imaging camera test will help the auditors determine how well insulated your house is. The scanner picks up temperature differences that will pinpoint areas of energy loss in places that would otherwise escape attention.

The energy auditors will also perform a walk–through of your home to look for inefficient appliances and other places where your home isn’t living up to its energy potential. Once they have made all the major inspections, they will provide you with a full assessment of spots that need improvement, and suggestions on how to make those improvements.


You don’t have to look far to locate qualified home performance professionals to handle an energy audit. Shaw's Air Conditioning & Heating has the trained team to inspect your home, and the best equipment available.

Call us today to schedule service in Hanford, CA and the surrounding area. 

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