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"Proudly Serving Kings, Tulare and Fresno Counties since 2004"

Emergency Service Available


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Call Today for Air Conditioning Services in Coalinga, CA

Shaw's Air Conditioning & Heating is the trusted choice for air conditioning services in Coalinga, CA and the surrounding area. Since 2004 we have offered high quality AC repair, installation and maintenance services, helping customers to stay cool in the summer. With emergency air conditioning services available, give us a call at any time to schedule air conditioning services in Coalinga, CA.

Air Conditioning Installation in Coalinga, CA

Our AC technicians are trained to install all major brands of air conditioning systems, and we provide comprehensive air conditioning installations in Coalinga, CA. We install heat pumps, high–efficiency AC systems, ductless mini splits, zone control, and more! With our Coalinga air conditioning expert installation services, you can be sure that you will get a properly–sized cooling system designed to meet your needs.

AC Repair & Maintenance Services

A reliable air conditioning system is absolutely necessary in Coalinga, CA. If your AC system breaks down, Shaw’s Air Conditioning and Heating can help with air conditioning repairs in Coalinga, CA. We also offer tune–ups to prevent repairs and extend the life of the equipment. Contact Shaw’s Air Conditioning and Heating today to find out how our Coalinga air conditioning services can help you.

Contact Shaw’s Air Conditioning and Heating and start saving money on your heating and cooling bills with a new high–efficiency system or preventive maintenance service. We offer AC installations, repairs, maintenance and replacements. Call us for your next service!

Heating Services in Coalinga, CA

Call Shaw’s Air Conditioning and Heating for heating service in Coalinga, CA. Do you need a new heater installation, or are you ready to upgrade your current heating system? Shaw’s Air Conditioning and Heating can handle all your heating needs throughout Coalinga, CA. Contact us today to get a free estimate or to set up a consultation learn more about heating in Coalinga, CA.

Heater Repair Service

Do you need a heating repair in Coalinga, CA? Shaw’s Air Conditioning and Heating offers heating repairs in Coalinga, CA. Our Coalinga heating technicians are trained to take care of all your heating repair needs. Call us any time.

Do You Need Solar Panel Systems in Coalinga, CA?

Not too long ago, trying to power your home entirely on solar panels would have been incredibly expensive and difficult. Today, though, solar technology is coming into its own as an affordable and effective means of power generation. Whether you want to power your entire home with solar panels, or just a few select systems, now is a great time to invest in solar energy. We install, repair, maintain, and replace solar panels throughout Coalinga, CA. Call today for more information on our solar panel services.

Insulation Services are Available

Even the best climate control system in the world is not going to be able to live up to its full potential without good insulation to help it. Insulation is the material in your home’s walls that hinders the exchange of heat between it and the outside environment. Without insulation, your home would be sweltering in the summer and freezing in the winter. We offer a full range of insulation services, to help keep your home comfortable all year round.

We Offer Full Attic Insulation Services

The attic is the part of your home that tends to have the most problems with energy loss. Attics tend to be the most poorly insulated, with many not being insulated at all. You may think that this doesn’t matter that much, since you don’t spend much time up there. However, poor insulation in any part of the home can also lead to a lot of energy loss. That’s why we offer full attic insulation services, so that your home can be as efficient and comfortable as possible.

More Coalinga, CA HVAC Services

Preventive Maintenance Plan
At Shaw’s Air Conditioning and Heating, we offer preventive maintenance services on all major brands and types of heating and air conditioning systems. This includes annual tune–ups and discounts on parts and repair services. We offer emergency heating and AC repair in Coalinga, CA. Call us for all of your heating and cooling maintenance needs.
Commercial Refrigeration Services
Shaw’s Air Conditioning and Heating offers commercial refrigeration services in Coalinga, CA. With our experienced technicians and maintenance plans, we can ensure that your commercial walk–in cooler, freezer, ice machine, and other equipment will work at optimal levels. Call us for your next service.

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