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Solar Panel Services in Hanford, CA

Solar energy is getting more and more popular, as homeowners start to take advantage of all the benefits it offers. As time goes on, solar systems get more and more efficient, which means more and more incentive for you to invest in it. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not solar energy is really worth it, read on for some more information on it. Or you could call Shaw's Air Conditioning & Heating with any questions. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional solar technicians. We’ll help your home be as efficient as possible, with solar energy!

We offer outstanding residential solar energy systems for installation throughout Hanford! Give us a call to request an estimate on solar panel services in Hanford, CA and the surrounding area.


Hanford, CA solar energy systems make use of solar PV panels, which are quite recognizable as the black slabs which often sit on the roof of a home. These PV panels collect thermal energy from the sun, which they convert into direct current electricity. From there, the DC electricity runs through an inverter, which converts it to alternating current electricity so that the electricity can be used by the home’s power grid. Solar systems all operate more or less in this fashion, with any real differences dictated by whether or not they are dedicated to a specific system. For example, solar water heaters are wired a bit differently, even if their construction is the same.


Everyone installs solar energy systems to save money on their home operating costs. While there is a lingering misconception that solar systems do not provide enough free electricity to compensate for their cost, advances in technology over the past 10 years have proven this untrue. Depending on the kind of system you install, you can drastically or even completely mitigate the operating cost of many different systems. The type of system you pick for your home should be tailored for what exactly you want to accomplish. For that reason, we highly recommend that you consult with us before making a decision. We can evaluate your home to determine the best solar solution for you, so that you can derive maximum benefit from your new equipment.

Solar Panel Installation in Hanford, CA

Solar panel installation should only be done by a professional. Anything that requires interfacing with the home’s electrical grid can be incredibly dangerous for those who don’t have the proper training and experience. So, if you want a home solar system installed you should absolutely trust us to handle it for you.

Solar Repair & Maintenance Services

One of the best things about solar energy systems is that they don’t have that many different ways to break down or have problems. That being said, they still have the occasional need for repair and maintenance. We recommend scheduling maintenance for your solar system at least once a year, in order to identify and fix any developing problems before they have the chance to become more serious.

Call for Solar Services in Hanford, CA

From solar panel installation to repair and maintenance, trust the solar experts at Shaw's Air Conditioning & Heating for all of your solar service needs in Hanford, CA. Give us a call today to schedule solar services in Hanford, CA and the surrounding area.

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