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Hanford, CA Solar Panel Repair & Maintenance Services

Solar panels make a lot of sense here in Hanford, CA, where summers are bright and hot. That lets you take huge advantages of this exciting technology, which is advancing in leaps and bounds every day. But while solar panel repairs are rare, they do occur, and when they do, you need a trained solar technician to handle them the right way. Such technicians can also perform maintenance on your solar panel systems.

That’s why you need the trained pros at Shaw's Air Conditioning & Heating for solar maintenance and repair. We’ll not only fix any problem you have in a flash, but we can set up a maintenance schedule to keep the panels clear and functioning no matter the circumstances. Contact our team to set up a schedule today!

Your Trusted Solar Service Provider

Most types of solar panels are solar PV panels. The PV stands for "photovoltaic," consisting of multiple cells that convert the sunlight into electricity. They’re easy to use in part because they have almost no moving parts. But solar PV panels can still be damaged by inclement weather, careless gardening, birds, or even just a number of decades spent out in the sun. Solar panels rarely make noise, so it’s important to take notice when repairs are needed.

Call Today for Solar Panel Repairs in Hanford, CA

Solar panel repairs are usually not a matter of life and death—you can typically wait a bit for repairs, unlike, say, a plumbing leak—and many repair services treat that as an excuse not to act quickly. But the longer the solar panel goes without repairs, the more the damage can spread, which is why we act swiftly throughout the Hanford area to make repairs. The faster we can move, the less you’ll have to worry and the more quickly your solar panels can get back to doing their jobs.

Schedule Annual Solar Maintenance

A maintenance session isn’t the same as a repair call. It’s more of a tune–up, designed to check sensitive components in the solar panel for signs of damage and clean the panels themselves. They should be conducted once a year by a professional, who not only can spot the early signs of a problem, but can maneuver on rooftops and other areas safely.

We Repair Solar Inverters

Solar inverters transfer the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), which is what most modern appliances used for their electricity. Because it’s so important to your solar electricity, you should arrange for it to be maintained along with the rest of the system, and repaired swiftly when problems arise. We serve the whole of Hanford, so contact us whenever you need a little TLC for your system.

Schedule Solar Repair Services in Hanford, CA

Maintenance is important because it helps the solar panel system last longer as well as letting you get an early jump on any repairs. Most repairs stem from normal wear and tear caused by weather, and while the systems are built to last, repeated exposure over decades can eventually take their toll. It’s important to check older systems for signs of trouble, especially if you’ve had them for a decade or more. Give us a call today to schedule solar repair services in Hanford, CA and the surrounding area.

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